The objective of the REA3D grant program is to award up to $1,000 in funding to projects that further the REA3D mission: “To support lifelong learning within Proctor School District communities.”

To view images of previously funded projects, please go to our Grants in Action page.

Project/Applicant Eligibility

Projects should address academic, art, and/or athletic learning areas that impact communities and/or students within the Proctor School District (ISD 704). ANY individual, group, organization, or government serving people of any age and operating within the Proctor School District may apply for these funds. Applicants under the age of 18 may apply for funds, but they must receive the written approval of an adult adviser. Use the link below to access the REA3D grant application form, or request a WORD version by emailing

Grant Requirements

  • If the proposed project will be applied within Proctor Schools, the applicant must ask administration if the School District will fund the project before applying.
  • Applicants to be considered for funding must utilize the REA3D grant application, accessed by clicking here.
  • Submit the funding request, address all application criteria, and meet the prescribed deadline. 
  • Parties receiving REA3D funds must agree to complete a Report that includes pictures regarding the impact of received funding.

Paper applications are due to the Proctor Public Schools District Office (131 Ninth Avenue, Proctor, MN 55810), and digital applications are due by the posted deadline, through the on-line app or via email to It is strongly recommended that all applicants review the REA3D Grant Funding Rubric (see below), which guides grant funding decisions, while preparing their applications.

REA3D 2023 Fall GRANT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 13, 2023, 4 p.m.

The objective of the REA3D grant program is to award grants of up to $1,000 to fund projects that further the REA3D mission: “To support lifelong learning within Proctor School District communities.” Any community non-profit organization or school-affiliated group located within the Proctor school district boundaries, and serving learners of ANY age, may apply for this funding. To learn more about REA3D, view images of grant funded projects, or access the grant application, please go to An application can also be sent to interested parties by email request, to or calling (218) 428-0098.

The REA3D Board of Directors will make decisions and announce grant awards by the end of October 2023.

  • Proposals which address projects that do not fall within a traditional deadline may be considered by the REA3D Board of Directors through a “discretionary” grant process. Inquiry to the board should be made before submitting this type of application.

Additional Questions?

For more information about REA3D grant opportunities, contact Fleta Carol, REA3D Coordinator, via email at (preferred) or via phone at (218) 428-0098.


REA3D Grant Funding Rubric

Grant proposals will be scored on the degree to which the project meets the following criteria. It is strongly encouraged that you review your application against this rubric, available HERE as a document, before submission.

  1. The project supports lifelong learning within Proctor Public Schools (ISD 704) communities.
  2. The project supports an academic, art and/or athletic activity.
  3. The project cannot rely on School District funding.
  4. The project meets an unfulfilled need in Proctor Schools and/or its communities.
  5. The project reaches a significant number of learners.
  6. The project uses a creative learning strategy to reach its goal.
  7. The project utilizes funds from other sources, or applicant has researched other potential funding opportunities.
  8. The project includes the purchase of items supported by the REA3D Board.*
  9. If unscheduled, the project would not be more than the second project to be awarded REA3D Discretionary funds within 12 months, and does not exceed more than $1,000.
  10. If unscheduled, the request would be the first unscheduled request from the applicant.

*REA3D does not award funds for non-curricular field trips or Proctor Public Schools staff development. In addition, REA3D rarely awards funds for transportation, food or snacks, lodging, or reoccurring projects, although the Board will still consider these items and deem funds at its discretion.